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Grikob Foundation Ghana is a nonprofit women empowerment organization registered in Ghana with the Registrar Generals Department. GFG is a volunteering organization built out of the efforts and dedication of young and enthusiastic men and women.

The Foundation is a humanitarian intervention aimed at empowering women. GFG is an innovative organization that adopts education (formal/ non-formal) coupled with skill / vocational training geared toward helping women to be independent and self reliant.

The Foundation is an initiative which provides unmatched and lasting access to knowledge, education, skill/ vocational training and sensitization programs for women and the girl child.

GFG is  hinged on the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs) 4 and 5, which span between 2016-2030,to advance the communal spirit of women and their entrepreneurial skills to whip their interest toward making them more efficient. The commitment, enthusiasm and relentlessness of the team members are assets the Foundation relies on in pursuant of its vision and mission.

What We Do

GRIKOB Foundation supports hundreds of rural women groups and needy but brilliant ladies by assisting them through vocational/ skill training, capacity building/entrepreneur support and sponsorship for brilliant girls through both secondary and tertiary education.

How We Work

It might sound quite ironical but most deprived people in the world are economically active. This situation is worst of in the rural areas where women and children tend to be marginalized. Though economically active most women in rural areas all over the world are unable to exploit their full potential due to factors such as;

• Outmoded socio-cultural practices

• Over dependence on men

• Lack of access to credit facilities

• Lack of vocational and professional knowledge and skills

• Lack of knowledge and understanding on opportunities available to them and most importantly

• Non commitment to formal education

These factors among others deepens the woes of most rural women and make them vulnerable.GRIKOB employs multi disciplinary approaches towards helping to liberate women from these setbacks. Some key intervention the Foundation pursues include the following; School visitations and role modeling for up and coming girls Training and equipping of rural women beyond school going age with requisite vocational skills Liaison between women groups and financial institutions so as to increase access to credit facilities Sponsor needy but brilliant girls through secondary and tertiary education *Undertake public adult education to educate rural women on tropical issues among others All these activities are undertaken with the help of our partners and sponsors.


GRIKOB has a bond with its partners who are passionate to always help advance its course .We collaborate extensively with a wide network of donors, volunteers, companies organization and authorities.


With at least a support of any form , either in kind or cash, GRIKOB can assist at least one handicapped women group through a vocational training in the bid to assisting them to secure a better future. As a donor and a party concerned, you have the right to obtain information.This purports that donors and staff members are informed quarterly about how the acquired funds have been spent.

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